Compex neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is an advanced electrical stimulation device designed to help you reach your athletic goals. Compex Sport Elite has many benefits and is designed to help, whether you are sore from crushing your most recent workout, recovering from an unfortunate injury, or looking for that extra edge to boost your performance. These devices are used by countless numbers of elite athletes and weekend warriors to help speed recovery and boost performance.

Compex neuromuscular electrical stimulation has been shown to:

  • Increase muscle strength and density
  • Improve muscle recovery time
  • Increase muscle size
  • Improve VO2max (maximal aerobic capacity)
  • Increase explosive strength

Using pre-designed programs, NMES devices may be beneficial to:

  • Increase vertical jump
  • Develop more muscle strength
  • Recover faster after exertion
  • Enhance local blood circulation
  • Improve core strength

There are many benefits to using Compex Sport Elite NMES devices, which can be catered to your athletic performance and recovery needs. Compex is the simplest and most effective tool for helping restore normal muscle function after hard training. It’s easy to isolate specific individual muscles that may be overworked, injured, or fatigued. The device is convenient, portable, and compact enough to bring anywhere. Additionally, this equipment is powerful enough to truly be a valuable asset for both training and recovery for even the strongest athlete.

Compex Sport Elite is not meant to replace your fitness routine, but rather enhance your workouts. Athletes can use pre-programmed workouts on the Compex device to help maximize their training. Compex Sport Elite will give you higher quality workouts because you can train at your maximum effort and recover faster. Regardless of the type of sport practiced, the level of muscle stimulation of the Compex programs always enhances performance. You can train better and spend less time to reach optimal performance. Additionally, tremendous benefits can be accomplished using the recovery program, which causes an increase in blood flow (flushes out toxins faster), an endorphin analgesic effect (blocks pain signals), and a relaxing effect (less tightness and spasm) in the affected muscles. All of these benefits may result in a faster restoration of the muscular balance and quicker recovery.

The Compex neuromuscular electrical stimulation device works by placing electrodes over the affected muscles and choosing the desired setting on the device based on your goals. It may be used during regular training sessions, during isolated exercises, or while relaxing after a workout to enhance recovery. From CrossFit to Ironman athletes, football players and bodybuilders, Compex Sport Elite devices help athletes recover quicker and increase performance.

If you think the Compex Sport Elite device can benefit your recovery and performance needs, give one of our clinics a call and schedule to try it out today!