Benefits of Massage

The benefits and effects of therapeutic massage have been experienced for centuries in the East. We have caught on a bit more slowly here in the Western hemisphere, but today even the most conservative doctors sometimes recommend or prescribe massage. Studies have shown that massage can:

  • Stretches and broaden muscle fibers Increase flexibility Increase muscle function
  • Relax muscle tension Increase postural awareness
  • Decrease heart rate and blood pressure Decrease edema (swelling)
  • Help remove toxins Break up scar tissue Loosen adhesions (“knots”)
  • Help alleviate menstrual problems/menopausal symptoms Increase expansion of lungs for full breathing Aid in digestion
  • Ease pregnancy problems such as nausea, high blood pressure, heartburn, tiredness and back pain.

The results you will obtain depend upon your exact situation. We will discuss treatment goals and options with you during your first visit.

New to Massage? What to expect during your visit.

  • For your safety and health a brief health history form is required (this form will remain strictly confidential). Please use the link above to fill out the form online for your scheduled location. Completing the form online prior to your first appointment will ensure your entire appointment is spent on your massage, rather than paperwork. If you are unable to fill out the form, please arrive 15 minutes prior to fill this paperwork out.
  • For your privacy, before and after the massage, the therapist will excuse themselves so that you may get on/off the table in private.