Your doctors at 5280 Cryo & Recovery Clinics understand the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and our unique ability for the body to move and function. Bones provide the structural framework for the body. Muscles provide the physiological mechanism to allow movement of the body. Muscles contract and relax to move bones at the joints. This allows us to run, lift, bend, twist, etc. A skeletal misalignment (bone or joint) often relates to a functional problem for the soft-tissues (muscle, tendon, or ligament), requiring a combination of treatments. An accurate understanding of dysfunction allows for an accurate recommendation for correction.

Complete Care For Complete Recovery

Complete resolution of these musculoskeletal conditions often requires integrating different types of therapies, depending on the source of tissue dysfunction. The integration of chiropractic techniques and care such as Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) for soft tissue conditions, along with specific chiropractic adjustments for bone and joint structural misalignments, allows for a more quick and complete healing process. Long term corrections of these common conditions often require implementing physical rehabilitation to retrain, re-tone, and recondition injured or overworked musculoskeletal structures. You must change your actions to change your results!

Our Chiropractic Techniques

5280 Cryo & Recovery Clinics only implements modern, research-based chiropractic techniques. Only the safest and up to date chiropractic techniques will be used to treat your healthcare condition. Our doctors regularly take continuing educational classes, read current, up to date healthcare articles, and only implement research-based chiropractic treatment protocols. Our clinical focus is on improving tissue functionality, educating patients on the causes of dysfunction, and focusing on preventing re-injury. Chiropractic techniques we implement include:

All conditions require different treatment protocols. Your doctor will provide a detailed recommendation for care based on a thorough examination of your unique injury and circumstances. Some patients may not require chiropractic adjustments to treat certain conditions.