Hamstring injury risk factors include:

  • Sports Participation: Sports That Require Sprinting, Running, Or Other Activities Like Dancing That Might Require Extreme Stretching Make A Hamstring Injury More Likely
  • Prior Hamstring Injury: After You have Had One Hamstring Injury, You Are More Likely To Have Another One, Especially If You Try To Resume All Your Activities At Pre-injury Levels Of Intensity Before Your Muscles Have Time To Heal And Rebuild Strength
  • Poor Flexibility: If You Have Poor Flexibility, Your Muscles May Not Be Able To Bear The Full Force Of The Action Required During Certain Activities
  • Muscle Imbalance: Although Not All Experts Agree, Some Suggest That A Muscle Imbalance May Lead To A Hamstring Injury. When The Muscles Along The Front Of Your Thigh — The Quadriceps — Become Stronger And More Developed Than Your Hamstring Muscles, You May Be More Likely To Injure Your Hamstring Muscles

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