ALINE red provides an added advantage in every sport. Thanks to a narrow and low profile, the red fits great in lower volume shoes and boots (including cycling shoes, cleat footwear, and low volume winter boots). The result is the most versatile high performance insole in the industry with tour patented alignment and biomechanical benefits.

Produced with high impact materials for unmatched durability even in high-flex activities like running and walking. Aline red allows for improved comfort in every weather condition.

Traditional orthotics are hard and rigid all the way through the foot, not allowing the joints to do what they are made for. Specifically the 1st and 5th toes must be able to bend and move, otherwise you will be putting more stress on your joints and muscles. That is one of the great characteristic of ALINE, is helping your ankle, knee and hip all function as they were intended.

ALINE with Golf

Optimal alinement means a better swing, more power and less fatigue. ALINE’s patented foot suspension system allows your feet and lower body to operate the way nature intended—with stability, power and balance. ALINE insoles have energized the swings of PGA Tour professionals such as Kevin Na, Bo Van Pelt, Rory Sabbatini and many more. ALINE is also used by World Long Drive Champions, Players on the Champions Tour, Nationwide Tour, Futures Tour and in the ranks of NCAA Division I.

Smart golfers use ALINES for a competitive advantage and to stop the foot and lower body damage that come with the game of golf. What can ALINE do for you?

  • ALIGN your legs and ankles to give you maximum power transfer in every shot.
  • STABILIZE your feet to give you a consistently smooth swing plane.
  • SUSPEND your foot structures to allow natural movement and optimal biomechanical health.

Shave some shots off your score, and feel the difference after you walk 18.