At 5280 Cryo & Recovery Clinics we understand the long term benefits of functional rehab. As we address your biomechanical and soft tissue conditions, we must also pay extremely close attention to rehabilitating the injured or dysfunctional tissues. Rehabilitation therapy’s focus is to retrain, retone, and recondition weakened, injured, or overworked structures, addressing functional deficits. This helps to prevent or reduce the chance of re-injury! Too often we see patients that have gone to other clinics, been treated for months, yet still are having the same symptoms or problems. Complete resolution of these musculoskeletal conditions often requires integrating different types of therapies, depending on the source of tissue dysfunction. The integration of Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) for soft tissue conditions along with specific chiropractic adjustments for bone and joint structural mis-alignments, allows for a more quick and complete healing process. Long term corrections of these common conditions often require implementing physical rehabilitation to retrain, retone, and recondition injured or overworked musculoskeletal structures. You must change your actions to change your results! Our clinic uses a variety of rehab protocols specific to each individual patient’s needs. We use a variety of equipment that most people already have in their homes such as swiss exercise balls, therabands, dumb bells, yoga mats, etc. We try to integrate rehab recommendations with activities throughout your day at home, work, or even in the car. Change your actions, change your results. By implementing a combination of eccentric, concentric, and isometric exercises, proper muscular function and endurance can be restored!