Acupoint – Biopuncture Therapy

Acupoint injection therapy or biopuncture therapy is the injection of sterile substance into acupuncture points for therapeutic purposes. It combines the benefit of injection therapy with the therapeutic properties of traditional acupuncture. Common substances include saline, homeopathic solutions, lidocaine, procaine, vitamins and minerals (B12), dextrose, and sterile herbs.
These medicines are injected into specific body regions to relieve pain and inflammation. The majority of injections are micro-injections with a very small needle just under the skin or into the muscle. One of the benefits of directly injecting the area of pain appears to be a “turbo effect,” or a much faster healing response.

Biopuncture, or acupuncture point injection therapy may work in several ways. Injection of saline solutions into acupuncture points activates them in a similar way to the insertion of acupuncture needles. The major difference being, the bolus of saline water can activate the acupuncture point for a longer period of time, enhancing the therapeutic effect.

Saline solution is an isotonic solution containing the same salt concentrations as our cells, blood and interstitial fluid (the fluid between our cells). In cases of chronic illness or acute injury the interstitial fluid may become congested with the waste products of inflammation from injured tissue, preventing the efficient nutrient and waste product transfer between the cells and the bloodstream. The injection of saline may improve the quality of the interstitial fluid allowing nutrient and waste product transfer between the cells and bloodstream to occur efficiently again. Saline, being pH neutral, can have its own particular effects on local connective tissues and improving the body’s self healing mechanisms.

Acupuncture point injection therapy does not simply suppress or mask pain, but rather prompts the body to treat the cause of the pain via self healing mechanisms.

Substances injected
• Vitamins & mineral: increase energy, improve mood
• Lidocaine & Procaine: reduce pain
• Homepathic solution: reduce inflammation and swelling, speed recovery process
• Sarapin: Calm nerve impingement or irritation
• Saline: Enhance acupoint properties
• Dextrose: Irritant to amplify the bodies healing response
• Sterile Herbs Combine herbal medicine benefit with acupoint properties

Biopuncture is grounded in conventional diagnosis. Based on several decades of clinical experience and research, biopuncture is a safe, effective new tool to fight pain. It can be used alongside conventional treatments or when conventional or alternative treatments fall short.

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