1. 5280 Cryo & Recovery clinic for the athlete in you

    Runner’s Knee Recovery

    Runner’s knee is the term usually associated with pain around the outside of the knee when running (or cycling). This is an overuse injury due to a tight Iliotibial Band, or IT Band. Tightness in this band causes friction when the knee flexes and extends, and inflammation occurs as this band cross…Read More

  2. Did You Know Denver Broncos Use Whole Body Cryotherapy?

    Professional athletes around the world are always trying to find the newest, greatest, and best way to enhance performance and prevent injuries. For these same reasons, the Denver Broncos use whole body cryotherapy (WBC) at 5280 Cryo & Recovery Clinics on a weekly basis as their absolute best de…Read More

  3. Cost of Cryotherapy

    What is the Cost of Cryotherapy?

    What is the Cost of Cryotherapy? High cryotherapy costs used to limit the procedure to a recovery tool used only by high-profile athletes, but its popularity in sports has helped bring the technology and process to the forefront of medicine and the public. But why has the process caught on so well? …Read More

  4. Benefits of Stretching

    The benefits of stretching are often overlooked. Many times when we think of training, we think of running every day, lifting weights, or possibly even doing cross fit. What we frequently neglect though, is that stretching is and should be a part of that training. Muscles have the ability to do thre…Read More

  5. How Technology Causes Cumulative Injury to Your Spine

    How Technology Causes Cumulative Injury to Your Spine In this day and age it is uncommon for someone not to own a cell phone. In fact, it is almost a necessity. Technology is vital to everyday life, so much so that computer skills are essential for most jobs now. The cell phone was originally intend…Read More

  6. Increase Your Water Intake to Combat High Altitude and Summer Heat

    Increase Your Water Intake to Combat High Altitude and Summer Heat Summer has finally arrived in Denver! The transformation from the snow of winter and rain of springtime means that it is time to throw the winter coats and boots into storage and break out the hot weather gear for your favorite high …Read More

  7. How To Treat Muscle Strain and Soft Tissue Injuries

    How To Treat Muscle Strain and Soft Tissue Injuries Times have changed in how athletic injuries are treated. “No pain, no gain” clichés are out! Advancement in technology has dramatically changed the way athletes manage sprain and strain injuries. Athletes today are dropping the Advil bottle an…Read More

  8. Denver Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

    Denver Plantar Fasciitis Treatment With the recent injury to Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning, a lot of people wonder what a plantar fascia is, and what Denver plantar fasciitis treatment facilities are available. To those who have never suffered from this condition, some people describe th…Read More

  9. Denver Back Injury Treatment

    Denver Back Injury Treatment Back injury takes many forms and back injury treatment varies greatly based on the severity, type and location of the injury. As a Denver back injury treatment facility we try to focus primarily on the conditions that don't require invasive surgery. Surgery is normally a…Read More