Whole Body Cryotherapy Offered In Cherry Creek

5280 Cryo & Recovery Clinic continues to see interest and excitement in whole body cryotherapy explode! This week, cryotherapy treatment was featured on “Good Morning America” with athletes like Lebron James and Hollywood celebrities endorsing its benefits. Our Cherry Creek office has been flooded with people wanting to try it.
Whole body cryotherapy is treatment for reducing musculoskeletal pain and inflammation using cold nitrogen gas. First introduced in Europe, it is just now gaining popularity in the U.S. The theory behind the methodology is to stimulate the nervous system in the area of injury by lowering the body’s surface temperature. Results can be obtained after the first session.
In this past week alone, we’ve seen:

  • Professional NHL hockey players
  • Former college athletes suffering from arthritis
  • Stay-at-home moms trying to keep up with their cross fit classes

All have seen the instant benefits of reduced inflammation following treatment and we are excited to be helping these people reduce pain and improve performance through our whole body cryotherapy treatment! For more information, read our recent press release.