1. too little sleep and an unhealthy diet could increase the risk of injury in teen athletes

    How Poor Diets Increase Teens’ Injury Risk

    Parents, coaches, doctors and trainers have all been telling young athletes for years to avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices and injury risk by making sure that they get enough sleep, hydrate and eat a healthy diet. Kids have always taken this with a grain of salt and an eye-roll stating, “we know, …Read More

  2. Speed up workout recovery time with the NormaTec recovery system.

    Why NormaTec Recovery is the Best Method for Athletic Recovery

    A strenuous workout can leave you drained and exhausted. Whether you are a professional athlete, training for a marathon or simply giving your body a total workout, repetitive demanding exercise routines can take a toll on the body, which can create the need for rehab and increase recovery time. A t…Read More

  3. Chiropractor for Tension Headache Relief

    Consider A Chiropractor for Drug Free Headache Relief

    For so many people this year’s election has brought on more than just deep debates and overrated campaigning, it brought on tension headaches! All politics aside, millions of people are affected daily by tension headaches. Though the causes of tension headaches are not well understood, a tension h…Read More

  4. Increase Your Water Intake to Combat High Altitude and Summer Heat

    Increase Your Water Intake to Combat High Altitude and Summer Heat Summer has finally arrived in Denver! The transformation from the snow of winter and rain of springtime means that it is time to throw the winter coats and boots into storage and break out the hot weather gear for your favorite high …Read More

  5. How To Treat Muscle Strain and Soft Tissue Injuries

    How To Treat Muscle Strain and Soft Tissue Injuries Times have changed in how athletic injuries are treated. “No pain, no gain” clichés are out! Advancement in technology has dramatically changed the way athletes manage sprain and strain injuries. Athletes today are dropping the Advil bottle an…Read More

  6. Denver Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

    Denver Plantar Fasciitis Treatment With the recent injury to Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning, a lot of people wonder what a plantar fascia is, and what Denver plantar fasciitis treatment facilities are available. To those who have never suffered from this condition, some people describe th…Read More

  7. Denver Back Injury Treatment

    Denver Back Injury Treatment Back injury takes many forms and back injury treatment varies greatly based on the severity, type and location of the injury. As a Denver back injury treatment facility we try to focus primarily on the conditions that don't require invasive surgery. Surgery is normally a…Read More

  8. Denver Foot Orthotics

    Denver Foot Orthotics As a Denver Foot Orthotics representative for ALINE insoles, we believe the ALINE system is the best foot orthotic to allow your body to perform at an optimum level and also reduces wear and tear on your body. Foot orthotics can be very helpful for a variety of foot ailments, i…Read More

  9. Denver Acupuncture

    Denver Acupuncture Our Denver acupuncture treatment is based on Eastern medicine, but when one considers Western practitioners’ use of acupuncture points as places to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue—East is truly meeting West here. Acupuncture is believed to have originated aroun…Read More

  10. Denver Sports Chiropractic Services for Winter Sports

    Denver Sports Chiropractic Services for Winter Sports Football season is here and skiing is right around the corner! 5280 Cryo & Recovery Clinic provides Denver sports chiropractic services to professional athletes as well as people who are active in sports for fun and recreation. Whether a prof…Read More