1. What to Expect During Sports Injury Rehabilitation

    As an athlete you are, by nature, a very active and physical person—the last thing you want is an injury slowing you down or keeping you from playing the game you love. But because you’re an athlete, you have likely had the unfortunate and painful experience of at least one twisted ankle, pulled…Read More

  2. The Overall Benefits of Sports Massage

    Do you remember the last time you got a full night of pure, uninterrupted sleep? Did you know just one week of insufficient sleep alters the activity of our genes, which control our response to stress, immunity, inflammation and overall health? Additionally, did you know you can help combat the effe…Read More

  3. cryo chambers

    The Cutting-Edge Cryotherapy Machine: Everything You Need to Know

    How Do Cryotherapy Machines Work? Cryotherapy is an athletic treatment used to shorten recovery time between training and workouts. In each session, athletes enter a cryotherapy machine, where extremely cold air (think Antarctica) is blown over their body for approximately two to three minutes. Nitr…Read More

  4. Spinal Decompression

    How to Treat Spinal Disorders with Spinal Decompression

    Back and neck pain are two of the most common issues people experience throughout their lifetime. In fact, at any given time, nearly 31 million people in the U.S. are experiencing lower-back pain. Additionally, back pain is one of the most common reasons cited for missing work, which is why it’s i…Read More

  5. Concussion Recovery

    What are the Best Concussion Recovery Methods?

    Concussion recovery and management is an important and often complex process within the sports medicine and neurology fields. With nearly 2.5 million concussions and traumatic brain injuries occurring in the United States each year, proper concussion treatment is vital. In 2012 alone, approximately …Read More

  6. cryotherapy benefits

    Cryotherapy Benefits: How to Recover Like Tim Howard

    Tim Howard is a U.S. soccer legend. He began his professional career in 1997, and at 38 years old, is playing goalkeeper for the Colorado Rapids MLS team. Howard is the most capped goalkeeper of all-time for the United States men's national team, with over 100 caps since his debut in 2002. He has pl…Read More

  7. ankle injury

    How to Speed Up Ankle Injury Recovery Time

    A sprained ankle is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries in sports. Whether it occurs while running, jumping, landing or pivoting, it almost always involves a “rolling” of the ankle. Although ankle injuries are common, recovery time varies for each athlete. To help you speed up your r…Read More

  8. crossfit injuries can happen from this

    How to Prevent and Treat the 5 Most Common CrossFit Injuries

    Doctors and chiropractors have seen more and more CrossFit injuries as CrossFit has become an increasingly popular fitness regimen, sport and training method for athletes, military, police and everyday gym-goers. It is based on an increased work capacity across a variety of different exercises and a…Read More

  9. basketball injury ankle sprain recovery

    Ankle Sprain Recovery: How to Treat This Common Basketball Injury

    During basketball season, one of the most common injuries for basketball athletes of all levels is the dreaded sprained ankle. While there are varying degrees of severity and different treatments for sprained ankle, most likely the athlete will miss at least a couple of weeks during ankle sprain rec…Read More

  10. 5280 Cryo & Recovery clinic for the athlete in you

    Runner’s Knee Recovery

    Runner’s knee is the term usually associated with pain around the outside of the knee when running (or cycling). This is an overuse injury due to a tight Iliotibial Band, or IT Band. Tightness in this band causes friction when the knee flexes and extends, and inflammation occurs as this band cross…Read More